Vanadium - The Best Thing Since Lithium

There is a lot of time and effort poured into making better batteries, where some aim to improve the current lithium based batteries, others go for totally new materials. The aims are all the same and have been discussed on my blog frequently; more charge at less weight, less cost and longer lifespan.

After the graphene, the silicium and the air type batteries, now also vanadium has entered the race and it looks promising. Without having the full details on the materials availability and cost, I have yet to understand the claim that it allows for cheaper batteries.




Vanadium: The Best Thing Since Lithium

A lithium battery only lasts 3-5 years before it has to be replaced. A vanadium battery can be charged and discharged over 35,000 times, giving it a lifespan of over 35 years.

Vanadium can also charge and discharge simultaneously, can release energy instantly, and is ideal for both transportation grid applications.

In other words, it’s the new holy grail of battery materials.

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