Tesla Pushes Over-the-Air Software Patch


A first in the Automotive Industry, Electric Vehicle maker Tesla is updating their EVs Over-the-Air. This software update will not come to consumers on physical carriers, but will rather use 3G or a Wifi connection if available. 

I think it is a great step forward, it requires one less trip to the repairshop, but for Tesla it makes even more sense. With Tesla's in every corner of the world and Tesla shops being not as common as their competor's shops, an Over-the-Air update tackles this problem and is far more convenient for the end-user. An end-user who is already used to similar practices with his/her computer doing updates frequently in the background without disturbing.

Last but not least; this update will allow drivers to use the so called 'creep-mode', where the car will slowly start to roll when the brake is released. Good for rolling in parkings, but in particular for use in traffic jams.

Great work Tesla!

In Automotive First, Tesla Pushes Over-the-Air Software Patch


The software push brings to cars the sometimes frustrating technological rite of the software patch. Once carried out over physical media, if at all, the internet turned upgrades into a standard part of the computing experience. Microsoft Windows users, for example, are accustomed to the second Tuesday of the month delivering a new bundle of security patches. Mac OS X normally checks for software updates from Apple every week.

(via Instapaper)