Racing with an Electric Vehicle

More and more gearheads are tempted by the powers of an Electric Vehicle, with all that torque in the lows and the smooth ride it allows, what is not to love about racing like this?

Drivers Andretti and Johnson took a spin in the GM Volt and are keen to see more of this technology on the tracks.


Racers Andretti, Johnson Approve Of Electric Chevy Volt

Despite admitting that he’s not a good “fuel economy driver”, Andretti managed to complete the 40-mile Dream Cruise route entirely on electric power—and the engine only cut in after another seven miles.

That range, as an increasing number of Volt drivers is finding out, is more than enough for their daily route, and many have spent very little time at all in gas stations. So far, 63 percent of Volt miles have been all-electric.

(via Instapaper)

On more racing tracks near you in the (near) future!