Hybrid Vehicle - Volvo's 124 mpg V60

The 124mpg is not as high as the XL1 from Volkswagen, but this hybrid vehicle from Volvo is designed for more than just two people.

In that aspect the engineers of Volvo did a great job at getting such a rather large vehicle (European standards) to run so efficient! Also the 50km full electric range must be one of the longest in hybrid cars currently known, it must pack quite a battery in there.




Volvo's 124 mpg V60 plug-in hybrid diesel to debut in Geneva

Volvo will introduce a “virtually production-ready” plug-in hybrid version of it’s V60 sports wagon at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Expected to hit showroom floors in 2012, the hybrid V60 splices together a 2.4-liter D5 turbodiesel driving the front wheels with a 70 horsepower electric motor at the rear axle. According to Volvo this configuration delivers incredibly miserly fuel consumption of 124 mpg (1.9 l/100 km) along with the ability to cover 31 miles (50 km) using only the electric drive.

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