Hybrid Vehicle - Toyota Prius Pickup

Wanting to get the best of both worlds is often asociated with a hybrid vehicle, good fuel efficiency, no polution in urban areas and a fuel based engine for the long hauls.


Toyota is considering the best of both worlds in another way, by combining the fuel efficiency of their Prius with the ever popular pickup truck in the USA. It does not seem to be the obvious marriage, but it does make sense; a larger vehicle consumes more  fuel, so in total there is more to save by having a hybrid pickup.




Rumormill: Toyota considering Prius pickup

Think of the most aerodynamic passenger vehicle on the market. Now think of the least. In one corner you may have the Toyota Prius, with its wind-cheating, economy-boosting shape. In the other there’s a pickup truck, with its boxy shape that looks about as aerodynamically efficient as the broadside of a warehouse.

(via Instapaper)

Just curious when they will announce more on this.

Drive safe, drive sustainable