Hybrid Vehicle - Rover Range_e plug-in diesel hybrid

The announcenent of a new hybrid vehicle is always nice. When a manufacturer of big cars announces they are making more sustainable cars, a big gain per car is possible. Bigger cars consume more gas than smaller, i.e. there is more to save.

With the Range Rovers hybrid such a big savings potential becomes possible, though somehow I also suspect them to be inspired by Liberty E-Cars, they have a fully electric version in their product line. 




Land Rover promises Range_e plug-in diesel hybrid for Geneva

Power for the electrified Range Rover Sport comes courtesy of a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 paired with a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as an electric motor. The Range_e’s driving range is said to be nearly 700 miles and it can drive approximately 20 miles on electric power alone, which should be good enough to get the SUV into the heart of London.

(via Instapaper)

Drive safe, drive sustainable