Hybrid Vehicle - New York Names Nissan Van Taxi of Tomorrow

New York will get a new taxi and in the poll a hybrid vehicle was chosen as the winner! The van from Nissan beat the Ford Transit and the Karan, a promising entry from Turkey. At 25 mpg it is a lot more efficient than the old Crown Vic which makes up the majority of the current fleet. It also comes with a lot of really nice features, plenty of leg room and USB chargers for gadgets to name a few.

From an electric vehicle point of view, Nissan will eventually offer an electric drive train in the future as well, for the time being a few Nissan Leafs will be offered free of charge to be the first fully electric taxis in The Big Apple.




New York Names Nissan Van ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’

Although the taxi will use a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, Nissan says an electric drivetrain could be installed on the same platform beginning in 2017. The automaker also will deploy six Nissan Leaf electric vehicles in the fleet at no cost to the city.

Roughly 3,000 cabs are replaced each year, and the first Taxis of Tomorrow are expected to hit the streets of New York in 2013. They’ll be built in Mexico and cost about $29,000 a pop with all the taxi gear installed.

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