Hybrid Vehicle - Mercedes-Benz pulls fuel cell vehicle launch forward to 2014

Rarely you see product launch dates getting pulled forward in time. For the hybrid vehicle from Mercedes Benz, a Hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicle, the plans were to start in 2015. 


Recently a World Tour was completed with the F-Cell, a converted B-Class, to celebrate the 125th aniversary of Mercedes-Benz and to demonstrate the readiness of this technology. So, the chicken, or the egg? The Fuel Cell car is on its way and looking for some infrastructure. 




Mercedes-Benz pulls fuel cell vehicle launch forward to 2014

The product is ready for the market technically. We have proven that by sending three vehicles with a fuel cell around the globe without any relevant problems. The issue is infrastructure. We made this trip to prove technology is ready and we need partners to take care of infrastructure. We intended to go for volume production in 2015, but because of the experience of the world tour we have pulled forward.

(via Instapaper)

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