Hybrid Vehicle - Mercedes Benz B Class F Cell

The hydrogen powered hybrid vehicle from Mercedes has been going around the globe to celebrate the company's 125 years of existence, get media attention and actual usage data. A nice article I found from a reporter who was lucky enougj to drive one in Australia, with some nice comments on the car as well.


It is nice to see this product existing now, but there is a lot of work to be done still to get it to market by the scheduled 2015. 




Road test: Mercedes-Benz B Class F-Cell

At the turn of the key, it comes to life with a whirr straight out of Dr Who’s props department. But whatever space-ageness there might be in this is countered by the cockpit. It’s surprisingly conventional, meaning there’s very little effort required to adapting from a normal car.

If you’ve ever driven an existing B Class, such is the physical similarity indoors that you might need to take a second look at the instruments to tell the difference. But there are differences. In place of the tacho is a power output gauge, while the center console houses a screen with a bar-graph arrangement showing instantaneous and average hydrogen consumption.

(via Instapaper)

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