Hybrid Vehicle - Can Fuel Cells Help the Battery EV Market?

Interesting news for the hybrid vehicle, or also the electric vehicle for that matter. The fuel cell can be an excellent addition to the electric drive train, help increase performance (range for example), but also reduce the size of the battery. It will make the battery electric vehicle a hybrid, but one with a bigger sustainable potential. 


The big issue with hydrogen sofar is either infrastructure (where to get it), or storage/reforming (carrya huge tank of hydrogen, or a reformer?). For this last method, the reforming process combined with a high temperature PEM ful cell from EnerFuel overcomes another hurdle: getting rid of CO. With the HT-PEM getting rid of CO is not required to operate the fuel cell, making it an easier and cheaper solution.




Can Fuel Cells Help the Battery EV Market?

Rather remarkably, EnerFuel also projects that this fuel cell-battery hybrid BEV can be less expensive than a full battery EV because a smaller battery can be used and the fuel cell balance of plant is also reduced.

The fuel cell range extender is still a work in progress, mainly in the lab testing and demonstration vehicle phase, but it will interesting to see if this concept works to help make pure BEVs more than a commuter car.

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