Hybrid Vehicle - B-Class F-CELL was accepted

Good news if you like the way Mercedes is pioneering in the hybrid vehicle market with their B-class F-cell; it got approved by the people of the National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology in Germany.

This not just confirms they have a technically solid product, but also can boost the trust in hydrogen powered vehicles by the public.




B-Class F-CELL was accepted by the National Organisation Hydrogen ...

“Electric cars featuring fuel cell drives have the potential to revolutionize our mobility again. The fuel cell drive in the B-Class F-CELL is efficient, clean and highly suitable for everyday use. It enables local zero-emission motoring with a range of around 400 kilometres, and this is with a refuelling time of just three minutes. In addition, the vehicle really comes into its own in terms of driving pleasure”, explained Dr. Thomas Weber.

(via Instapaper)

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