How Small Town Makes Millions by Going Green

A truly remarkble story on this small German town that back in 1997 started installing solar panels, wind mills, biogas digesters and hydro power plants. By now this village of just 2600 people generates 321% more enrgy than it needs and selling the excess power back to the grid: netting a handsome $5.700.000 in the process. 

Needless to say, there are many interested visitors eager to learn from this example. Generating your own power and making some money is never a bad idea, especially so when it is sustainable.


I wonder how soon the European Investment Bank will help finance other villages accross Europe to do the same, there is lots of potential for this still.

Bavarian Village Rakes in $5.7 Million/Year by Selling Green Energy

Small towns have no more excuses. Bavarian village Wildpoldsreid, with a population of about 2,600, has created a local economy that produces 321% more energy than it needs, selling the excess back to the national grid at a rate of $5.7 million annually. This little German powerhouse has utilized solar, biogas digesters, windmills, hydro power plants, and a natural wastewater system to reduce its own use and increase its energy positive output. Every hamlet, township, city, metropolis, and megalopolis can learn something from Wildpoldsreid.

(via Instapaper)