GM to Utilize NanoSteel

Compliments for Tesla and BMWi from Wired, while discussing news on GM. Nanosteel is what GM aims to use in their fight at cutting more fat from our cars. Good to improve the fuel economy of any car, also for an Electric Vehicle.

Striking in this article from Wired is that the alternatives for nanosteel (aluminium and carbon fiber) are reserved for the "supercar realm". A nice compliment for Tesla and BMW, who use aluminium and carbon fibre extensively in their Model S, i3, i8 and Tesla Roadster models. 


GM Bets on Lightweight, Malleable NanoSteel

What sets NanoSteel’s sheet steel apart from other lightweight metals is ductility, or the material’s ability to be shaped into new forms without losing core strength. Carbon fiber (see: Lamborghini Sesto) has a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, but unlike steel, it remains in the supercar realm because of the expense necessary to produce and repair. NanoSteel, on the other hand, can be produced and shaped using the same equipment used on regular steel. What’s more, NanoSteel is cold-formable, meaning the factories don’t need to use energy to heat, and then cut out shapes from the steel sheets – the material can be dealt with as it arrives. The same robots shaping a Chevy Volt’s exterior can handle NanoSteel without adjustment.

(via Instapaper)