Fuel Cell Train Trials in UK

The first Fuel Cell Train in the UK is being put to the test, though as far as I know it is still one of the very few globally to run. One other was a full sized train in the US, used in a harbour to move wagons around the docks.

This little beauty of an electric vehicleis engineered and dedigned by students from Birmingham University and uses a familiar hybrid setup with batteries. The Fuel Cell can then deliver a constant power, while the driving dynamics are absorbed on the battery power. A bit like my own thesis project covering a Fuel Cell truck. In similar style they also utilized the power of LabVIEW, oh the nostalgia!


UK's first hydrogen-powered locomotive undergoes trials | News | The Engineer


The narrow-gauge locomotive is a hybrid design, combining a hydrogen fuel cell and lead-acid batteries.

The fuel cell is used to power the permanent-magnet electric motors and to charge the batteries, with the batteries helping to meet the peak power demands when accelerating under load.

(via Instapaper)