Electric Vehicle - When an F1 team makes a bicycle


What does the Formula One have in common with bicycles and an electric vehicle? Not much you'd say, but knowledge and technology is shared from one industry to another. It is nice to see co-creation at work, in this case McLaren added their knowledge of materials to build a bicycle, which ended up being 10% lighter than the average carbon fibre bicycle!


Other great examples where knowledge or technologies are adopted in another industry are Tesla adopting battery technology from the consumer electronics and fit it in their vehicles. Or what about inductive charging, popularin your electric toothbrush or kettle, is now a promising technology to recharge your electric vehicle with.





This is what it looks like when an F1 team makes a bicycle [w/video]

Shortly after the debut of the Range Rover Evoque road bike comes this very slick racing bike, designed and fabricated collaboratively by McLaren and Specialized. The latter, as you might have guessed, contributed the basic bicycle-building know-how, while McLaren Applied Technologies brought the expertise in lightweight materials garnered from winning 169 grands prix, 12 drivers’ Championships and eight Constructors’ titles over the course of its years in Formula One. The result is a frame that weighs just 2.09 lbs – some 10-15 percent lighter than other carbon-fiber bike frames, achieved through a new way of cutting the fiber sheets.

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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