Electric Vehicle - VW Bulli Concept is a Microbus

Another announcement from Volkswagen concerning a fully electric vehicle, an electric remake inspired by the old VW T1 van. The van has a nice long range of close to 300 km, though it is not exactly fast. The old T1 van has a bit of a hippy image here in the Netherlands, but the new name rings a different bell to me: VW Bulli. I couldn't help but think of the famous restaurant El Bulli in Spain.



The new VW Bulli


A more related thing I came across more recently was a converted VW T1, a fully electric van here in the Netherlandsby The New Motion.

Link: http://www.thenewmotion.com/2011/01/project-freedom/



The van for Project Freedom by The New Motion



Volkswagen Bulli Concept is a Microbus redux for Geneva

Now, a decade later, VW is trying out the concept again at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. This time it’s called the Volkswagen Bulli, and like its 2001 ancestor, this one is designed to carry on the legacy of the brand’s famous Microbus. This Geneva concept packs a 113-horsepower electric motor drawing power from a lithium-ion battery pack. At full charge, the Bulli is said to be theoretically good for 186 miles before a recharge. When it’s time for more juice, VW says the Bulli can be fully charged in less than an hour.

(via Instapaper)

Great stuff, but let's see what VW will reveal in Geneva.

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