Electric Vehicle - VW & Audi in dispute over EV strategy

There is news on an argument between Audi and Volkswagen on how to go about with their electric vehicle program. It is said Audi wants to go their own way, without Volkswagen. 

If the only motivation would be so they can use the Wankel motor in their E-Tron, I think they'd better go for an alternative power source. The theme in most businesses is to align for partnerships and co-create, not split up and fight. We'll see how this story goes.


Check out an Audi E-Tron video on YouTube:




VW & Audi in dispute over Electric Vehicle strategy

Details are sketchy, but the Financial Times Deutschland is reporting Audi wants to develop electric vehicles independently of Volkswagen. This hasn't made the parent company happy as sources have indicated VW has "frowned upon" Audi's "anarchist project."

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