Electric Vehicle - Volvo in project for inductive charging for EVs

Since the introduction of the inductive charging system for an electric vehicle many companies are involved in projects with this technology. There are buses fitted with this system for a few years in Italy and one in my hometown Utrech as well. Rolls Royce sees it as the option to charge their luxury EV and now Volvo is also participating in a Belgium projectto put this system to a real test.


Other participants are amongst others Flanders, van Hool and Bombardier. The system consists of a 20kW charger, capable of recharging the average EV battery (24kWh) in a little over 1 hour.




Volvo Car participating in project to develop inductive charging for EVs; 20 kW system

Volvo will deliver a C30 Electric to Flanders’ Drive on 19 May to be modified for inductive charging. The charging system to be evaluated is dimensioned for 20 kW; charging a battery pack of the size fitted to the Volvo C30 Electric, 24 kWh, is expected to take about an hour and twenty minutes, if the battery is entirely discharged.

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