Electric Vehicle - Track and Trace a Nissan

A lot of technical features in the electric vehicle allow one to monitor their car. Varying from "Where did I park?", to "How full is my battery?". Apparently this is also an opportunity for others to do the same on your vehicle, if it is not properly secured! 

This was the case for the first batch of Nissan Leafs out there, where Nissan Leafs could be tracked by others. Nissan has responded adequately in the matter and sealed the entrance to thrir system, only allowing the right people to this information. Do keep an eye out when getting yourself an electric vehicle, as you might not just be farming looks from impressed people in the street, but also from the internet. 




Before Nissan's patch, did the Leaf leak driver data?

That’s what Casey Halverson, a “self-described free-lance security blogger” told the New York Times, saying that the way that Carwings handles RSS feeds leaves the car’s information open to RSS providers the car is subscribed to, and that Nissan “pretty much left it wide open.”

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Drive safe, drive sustainable

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