Electric Vehicle - Toyota RAV4 EV won't be sold to the general public

A long anticipated electric vehicle, the Toyota RAV4 EV, will probably not be available for consumers to buy, neither will it have an option to quick charge. 


A true pity, since many current RAV4 EV users are highly enthusiastic about the car and have made a lot of folks wanting their own (new) version of it. Understandable as it is, getting the car to business and car sharing fleets will generate more exposure of the vehicle and for car sharing, a lot more people get to drive it as well.

The supposed lack of quick charging is a bit mysterious, they prefer to wait till the US has decided on a standard, while the ChaDeMo standard has been widely adopted in Europe and Japan. Hopefully the Americans pick their standard quick, or they will have to drink a few more cups of tea compared toEV drivers elsewhere...




Report: Toyota RAV4 EV won't be sold to the general public

And, despite being a electric vehicle that could benefit from quick charging, Yoza says the RAV4 EV will not come equipped with a CHAdeMO charging port, stating that Toyota will not offer a quick-charge setup on any of its electrified vehicles until the SAE finalizes a standard. Let’s hope that Yoza’s admission is slightly inaccurate and that Toyota will eventually sell the RAV4 EV to the public. Otherwise, the only electric CUV on the market in 2012 will be one that folks like us can’t even buy.

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