Electric Vehicle -To tow, or not to tow...

Never considered this myself, but towing an electric vehicle can really destroy the electric motor! The article below describes an example and suggests usibg a flatbed to take an electric vehicle to the garage if it would break down. 


The reasoning is that when towing the electric vehicle, the motor works like a generator and generates heat in doing so. Because it is being towed, the systems that maintain system temperature are not active, so the battery and motor temperature are not monitored and kept at the right temperature. As a result of this, one van seriously damage the motor when towing an electric vehicle!





Electric vehicle in need of a tow? Flatbeds may be the way to go

Towing a vehicle, especially one that’s powered by batteries and driven by an electric motor, can, if done incorrectly, be destructive. Recently, one of Frito-Lay’s electric Smith Newton delivery trucks was towed for a parking violation and, according to Green Car Advisor, was reclaimed by Frito Lay employees who arrived with a flatbed tow truck.

(via Instapaper)

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