Electric Vehicle - The R8 E-Tron Record Run around the Nurburg Ring

The R8 E-Tron is Audi's sporty Electric Vehicle and the it was caught doing laps around the Nurburg Ring. Oh, and it also set a nice record time, just shy of its ICE counterpart. The only thing that is not fast enough for the fans is the timing of its release; by the end of this year. Though promises are it will be very similar to the one from the video, with a slightly reduced top speed.


Watch (And Listen) As The Audi R8 E-Tron Takes On The 'Ring [VIDEO]


Considering that the car is a full electric, it’s nothing short of spectacular to see Markus hooning it as if it were a normal gas-powered R8. Audi still says they plan to release the E-Tron model later this year in the exact spec—minus the lifted top speed limit—as the one shown here.

(via Instapaper)