Electric Vehicle - The 800-1600km EV Battery is in the Lab

For all the money being poured into the electric vehicle industry, the most is going to develop better batteries. With a current range averaging around 160 km on a full charge, the latest developments in the lab show a hint of the Lithium-Air technology enabling a 800-1600 km range on a full charge. While the technology is still in full development and not ready to be applied to a commercially available vehicle, it will make the question of range anxiety obsolete.


Though I would not recommend driving the 800 km in one go, having such a battery available does raise the question if you would want to charge it along your trips. With such a huge capacity you could use a current state fast charger to regain roughly 20% of your capacity during one of your regular breaks on such a long trip.




The Lithium Air UltraBattery Makes Progress

Metal air batteries are at this date, the mountain top goal of energy density. At a low of 5 times the energy of an equivalent standard lithium battery, a point needs made. Many will surmise that the battery at market would be 1/5th the size. That would suggest the same number of cycles in a time period. But if costs are down for an air battery such that the capacity is 5 times then the cycles would be 1/5th as often – making the lifetime 5 times longer as well. The choices aren’t going to get easier, but they are getting simpler.

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