Electric Vehicle - Tesla Model S - For Sold Out?

The Model S Tesla was revealed and everybody is positive about this electric wonder on wheels (or a "unicorn" as Tesla's Elon Musk has also referred to it). This electric vehicle boasts many impressive specs; it can seat 7, has an impressive speed and acceleration and great handling. The super-sized iPad in the front allaws for a myriad of functions for entertainment and vehcle control purposes.

The only thing that is not to be liked about it? It is already sold out! In another interview Elon Musk has mentioned that the production of next year (about 6500) have all been sold already in advance. 




Hard not to be impressed with the Tesla Model S

I mean what kind of station wagon offers a coefficient of drag of just .22? That’s just unbelievably brilliant, especially for an EV that is going to offer twice the EV range — 160 miles – of today’s plug-ins, as its base model. The high end model will offer a whopping 320 miles. That’s just ridiculous.

(via Instapaper)