Electric Vehicle - Superlight Electric Wolf Is an Apex Predator

Just wanted to share this special electric vehicle development with you, an electric motorcycle which was designed as such from the ground up, resulting in a superlight bike which goes a lot faster, but also can do so with less power (and with that, lighter components, etc).


A really nice story, comparing this bike with a few others, go check it out. 




Superlight Electric Wolf Is an Apex Predator

Every electric racing motorcycle we’ve seen so far has suffered from one major problem: Physics.

They’re all perfectly capable of transforming electrons into motive power. And some, like Chip Yates’ 190.6-mph beast, are blindingly quick. But in their pursuit of powertrain innovation, the people building these machines have overlooked, if not forgotten, what’s made internal-combustion-engine motorcycles so successful: Less weight equals more performance.

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