Electric Vehicle - Should Shared Cars Be Electric Cars?

Great article on an opportunity for car rental companies to focus on the electric vehicle is a business case. The technology is new, lots of incentives and lotscof curious people who would like to try or buy one.




Should Shared Cars Be Electric Cars? | PluginCars.com

Logistical Challenges

Shared electric vehicles present a slew of logistical challenges for car sharing providers, from acquiring and installing charging equipment to scheduling charge times, when the vehicle won’t be available for booking and won’t be generating revenue. Yet for a service like Connect by Hertz (a lesser known brand within a large corporation) or a regional nonprofit like City CarShare, there may be no better time to start offering EVs: The technology is new, advertising campaigns and media coverage are ramping up, incentives are available, and consumers are curious enough to rent an EV for an hour or two, if not buy it outright.

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