Electric Vehicle - Rice University develops Solid State Supercaps

A nice breakthrough in super capacitors brings this technology another step closer to making it into our next electric vehicle. Supercaps are great at supplying a lot of power in short bursts, but lack the ability to supply power for longer durations. Research aims to either get batteries with higher possible (dis)charge rated, but also on supercaps with a higher energy density so they can hold more charge for a longer period. The future battery, or energy storage may be a hybrid in itself, combining battery and supercap properties alike.


Rice University team develops new solid-state supercapacitors with high energy and power densities

“All solid-state solutions to energy storage will be intimately integrated into many future devices, including flexible displays, bio-implants, many types of sensors and all electronic applications that benefit from fast charge and discharge rates.” —Dr. Robert Hauge

(via Instapaper)

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