Electric Vehicle - Revenge of the Electric Car - Everybody a Hero

The recent premiere of the big electric vehicle movie recently has got a lot of attention from electric vehicle enthusiasts. The movie from Chris Paine is seen as the follow up of his previous work; "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and details on the current increase in activities from companies to make it work. Unlike the previous movie, in this movie everybody is a hero. As with increasing the sustainability of our mobility; everybody  wins in the end.




Revenge of the Electric Car: Inevitable or Impractical?

The stories of those innovators form the heart of “Revenge of the Electric Car,” which had its first screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City April 22-23. In it, everyone gets to be the hero by supporting the new technology, perhaps in part because “no one wants to be remembered as a bad or evil person,” as Dan Neil, automotive columnist for the Wall Street Journal, observes in the film.

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