Electric Vehicle - Revenge of the Electric Car World Premiere

Today I'm so excited about the news on the premiere of the movie that electric vehicle enthusiasts from around the world have been waiting on: "The Revenge of the Electric Car", it is considered the follow up of the other famous movie by director Chris Paine; "who killed the electric car?"

I'm just curious to find out when this movie will be available here in the Netherlands, I would love to get this movie here so everybody can see it!



Revenge of the Electric Car World Premiere

Behind the closed doors of Nissan, General Motors, and Tesla Motors, the race is on to develop the world’s first, and most economically accessible, electric car. Director Chris Paine’s energetic and beautifully shot follow-up to Who Killed the Electric Car? follows the innovative business models engineered by CEOs and independent entrepreneurs looking to jump-start the global resurgence of electric cars and win over a skeptical public.

(via Instapaper)

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