Electric Vehicle - Retro Electro

A really nice example of a conversion gone great, an old Chevrolet Apache pickup was converted to an electric vehicle. It is truly a green car, even the paint job matches ;-)


The car wasbuild for hauling beer for a brewery and inspired by the idea to do so in a sustainable way. Also check out the video on the Wired site for additional info on the green machine!




Electric Beer Truck Delivers Great Taste, Less Filling

A Canadian brewery has electrified a 1958 Chevrolet Apache pickup for hauling kegs and cases without tailpipe emissions.

When Toronto company Steam Whistle expanded into British Columbia, they kept up the tradition of using vintage cars and trucks in their delivery fleet. We all know the greenest car is the one that’s already been built, but Steam Whistle’s local fleet manager wasn’t thrilled with the emissions controls on 50-year-old engines. So he assembled a team of EV conversion experts and got to work.

(via Instapaper)

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