Electric Vehicle - Renault Stays With Removable-Battery Plan for 2012 Zoe EV

More news on the Zoe, the electric vehicle from Renault. Scheduled launch date is second half of 2012 and they still seem to hold on to their replacable battery concept so as to remain compatible with Better Place's battery swapping stations. It will also take out the price for purchasing a battery, it will be on lease.





Renault Stays With Removable-Battery Plan for 2012 Zoe EV

The French automaker will start selling the Zoe in the second half of 2012 and will price it at about 15,000 euros ($20,700), or roughly half the price of a Nissan Leaf in Europe. The Zoe price doesn’t include the leasing rate for the battery, but with Renault charging 72 euros a month to lease batteries to Kangoo Express battery electric utility vehicle owners, with a cap of about 10,000 miles a year, expect Zoe batteries to lease for the equivalent of about $100 a month.

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