Electric Vehicle - Range Anxiety Drive Leaf 779 Miles in 24 Hours

Some time ago the people at Epyon drove their electric vehicle, a Nissan Leaf for 24 hours and used their famous fast charging solution to see how far they could go. Having driven 779 miles within a day and considering the warnings from Nissan on fast charging, hoe bad is their battery now?


The people at Epyon told me they test their fast charging stations frequently and fast charging is probably the only wsy they charge thrir cars. Sofar they have not seen any significant impact on the battery that suggests damage, the capacity has only dropped a few percent over the course of many months of testing.




Three Dutchmen Shirk Range Anxiety, Drive Leaf 779 Miles in 24 Hours - Car and Driver Blog

Michiel Langezaal, Wouter Robers, and hirsute Lars Bech work for Epyon Power, a Netherlands-based concern developing fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. They are also, in grand Dutch tradition, reserved on the outside with a well of boundless nuttiness within. As such, they decided to see how far they could drive a Nissan Leaf in 24 hours by utilizing Holland’s network of fast-charging stations along the highways.

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