Electric Vehicle - “Pull the Plug”? Or “DO NOT pull the plug”?

The most expensive component in the electric vehicle is without a doubt the battery, so it makes both good business and environmental sense to treat it with care. Besides the temperature management that is in place on all good electric vehicles, there might be something a driver can also do to help prolong battery life.

Battery expert Venkat Srinivasan sheds some light on how to preserve battery life for your laptop. Should you leave your car plugged in while it is full? Read the article for the details.



Did I say “Pull the Plug”? Meant to say “DO NOT pull the plug”

The logic behind doing this is very sound. As you can read from that post, it has to do with side reactions that occur in the battery at the top of charge. Letting the battery discharge a bit is good for life because the rate of these side reactions decreases with decrease in the voltage. Suffice to say that I recommended you wait for the battery to charge and then you pull the plug and let it self discharge. This way you can extend its life.

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