Electric Vehicle - One million EV's: A popular aim

When it comes to government plans for electric vehicle growth, the figure of 1.000.000 is rather popular. Recently president Obama expressed the US ambition to have that many electric vehicles on the road in the US by 2015. Here in the Netherlands, the government has expressed the ambition to have one million electric vehicles on the road, though by 2020.

In the article referenced below, Mark Tarpenning, a co-founder of the famous Tesla brand, expressed both enthusiasm, but also caution for such ambitions.

Obviously he is a big fan of electric vehicles, but he also says we have to be aware of a few of the problems that remain to be solved. The two biggest problems he thinks we face in this matter are production delays and the current high costs of electric vehicles.

What do you think, will these problems be solved and will the governments reach their ambitions?




Tesla Co-Founder Sizes Up President Obama's EV Pledge

But high price, not a lack of next-generation technologies, will remain the chief barrier in the near term, said Mr. Tarpenning. “Even if we didn’t get any new advances in technology, but we were able to reduce the price, that would be good enough,” he said. “With the energy density we are at now, if we could drop the price by 80 percent, half the cars in this parking lot would be electric.”

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