Electric Vehicle - Nissan handing out 400 Quick Chargers in Europe

Quick Charging is seen as one of the viable solutions to allow longer trips with an electric vehicle in a reasonable time. To promote their Leafs, Nissan is providing a quick charge solution and giving 400 of them in Europe to strategic partners. A great example which will probably lead to more quick chargers being installed, enabling cross European trips in your EV.

I'm a little surprised to see it will be an AC/DC Quick Charger, though it is understandably to facilitate for Renaults vehicles from their alliance point of view. The only other reason I can think of is to be ready for whichever technology will become the standard in the future. Also looking at the current discussions on the SAE standards, the 'Tesla-plug' and the technologies applied in the rest of the world (where CHAdeMO is dominating in my opinion), it might be smart for Nissan to be able to bet on more than one option.




Nissan accelerating rollout of EV quick charge network in Europe by giving away 400 stations

The QC stations are also ‘AC-ready’ to support the arrival of EVs from Alliance partner Renault designed to 43kW AC quick charge standards. The Renault-Nissan Alliance is promoting infrastructure deployment based on AC-DC Mix Quick Charger strategy.

The move follows an agreement between Nissan and five of Europe’s leading utility and EV infrastructure supply companies to speed up the provision of the latest quick chargers developed by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., which are less expensive—up to half the previous price—and smaller than before. The target is to have a network of quick charge stations across Europe with several thousand units in place by the end of 2012 and tens of thousands by 2015.

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