Electric Vehicle - Natural Gas is Both Friend and Foe to the Grid

In the efforts to make the electric vehicle truly sustainable, the electricity has to be also sustainable. Because of this and numerous other reasons, coal and nuclear are losing the public interest as a means of generating electricity to power our daily needs. Besides wind and solar power, gas is seen asa good friend to sustainable energy; it is cleaner than coal and electricity generation from gas can be adjusted rapidly to meet the changes in wind/solar production.

It is important however that acquiring the gas is also done in a sustainable way, else all efforts will have been for nothing. If you have seen the documentary 'Gasland', you are aware of the current problems involved with 'fracking' and its associated environmental impact. Polluting your country like that and contaminating your water supply is by no means a good approach to be sustainable. That the EPA in the US claims this is just a "PR problem", while they refuse to drink water from the wells they claim to be good does not add up.




Natural Gas is Both Friend and Foe to the Grid

Natural gas proponents have called for the rapid expansion in tapping the huge reserves contained within the Marcellus shale deposit using hydraulic fracturing. The concerns over the environmental impact of fracking are growing by the day including at the EPA, but a roundtable panel was dismissive saying on several occasions that fracking occurs well below the water table and that it was “only a PR problem.”

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Drive safe, drive sustainable

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