Electric Vehicle - Mitsubishi Electric buses soon to be tested here

With all the buzz on electric cars, you'd almost forgot that buses are ideal as an electric vehicle too. With the experience from the iMiev, Mitsubishi is aiming for an electric bus, pulling technology and knowledge from various other Mitsubishi branches. 


The plans are to construct it within a year in Canada, then have it field tested in the two year after and if it proves a succes, mass-market it to the rest of the US. Seems a bit long to me, but that must be my enthusiasm for this technology I'm sure.




Electric buses soon to be tested here

Chomiak said the goal is to have the electric bus developed in about a year so it can be road-tested in Manitoba’s climate over the following two years. The next step would be mass-producing the electric bus for sale in North America and overseas.

“If the bus is successful, we will be able to sell many buses to the U.S. market,” Ichiro Fukue, senior vice-president of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, said at an event at Red River College.

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