Electric Vehicle - Inside Tesla Model S

A nice video from Green Overdrive on the expected electric vehicle from Tesla, the Model S. Currently in the 'Alpha' stage, the video shows an interview with Tesla's Jerome Guillen. 




What strikes me is the complete openness of the production floor, even though they are still in their prototype phase of the vehicle, the press can take a peek into their garage. No news from supposedly 'Spy Shots' as other manufacturers occasionaly have in the news, perhaps the new industry standard?


Go check out the interview on Green Overdrive after the break.



Green Overdrive: Inside Tesla’s Model S Alpha: Cleantech News and Analysis «

For our latest episode of GigaOM TV’s Green Overdrive Show we take you behind the scenes of the Alpha program for Tesla’s next-generation all-electric car the Model S. Tesla has built 20 Alpha (prototype) Model S’s that it’s using to test out various features like safety, durability, electronics and steering capability. We get the skinny on some of the Model S design features and interview Tesla Model S Program Director Jerome Guillen, who has been driving the Model S Alphas to and from work.

(via Instapaper)

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