Electric Vehicle - How an Electric Motorcycle Made Record Time

News from the world of the two-wheeled electric vehicle, there's a new record set on the track and it just blew the competition away. What a bit of tuning in the software can lead to becomes clear in this story, but also people becoming more and more aware of the technology.



Q&A: How an Electric Motorcycle Made Record Time

There’s nothing coming up right now and I’m bummed because I wanna ride the bike because it’s such a fun bike to ride. I like using analogies to compare things, but I can’t because there’s just nothing really like it out there. It’s not the novelty or the newness of it, it’s just how easy it is to ride and the way the power comes on. There’s no shifting with your feet or hands and you have a lot of time just to worry about riding the bike. You’re not worrying about the gearing and all the other things that go with gas bikes.

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