Electric Vehicle - Hello my dear car

When people start talking to objects they get frowned upon, unless the object starts to talk back as well. More and more manufacturers are implementing speech technology, also in the electric vehicle


According to Frost & Sullivan we will see a rapid increase of voice control in our cars the next few years, will we also have dialogues like Michael Knight and K.I.T.T.? Telling a car to come over or a car telling you it wants a quick charge might be just around the corner.




Frost & Sullivan: 16 million vehicles in Europe will have basic voice interface, 7 million will have advanced voice interface by 2017

According to an analyst comment from Frost & Sullivan on the European market for voice control interface, steering wheel controls and multifunctional knobs, about 16 million vehicles will have basic voice interface and 7 million vehicles are likely to have an advanced voice interface in Europe by 2017.

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