Electric Vehicle - Have you Given your car a name?

Some people name their cars, but it seems that you will be naming your electric vehicle, even if just out of politeness. Ford is launching its Sync system, first to be launched in the European Focus electric. The Sync system lets you control functions of for example the GPS, or your phone, by using voice commands. With the added amount of gadgets around, this will allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. When will other manufacturers follow this example?




Ford’s Future: Voice-Activated Gadgets in Electric Cars

“You already do many things while driving — having a conversation, thinking, talking and figuring things out — while mobile devices, infotainment systems and telephones are moving attention away from the driving experience, ripping your eyes off the road and the hands off the wheel,” Mulally said. “Voice is absolutely safer, so Ford’s fundamental approach is to reduce the distractions and push hard on voice communication, which allows you to keep doing such things but prevents being distracted.”

(via Instapaper)

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