Electric Vehicle - GM Volt an unexpected succes

GM is going to increase the production capacity of their electric vehicle assembly line, due to 'unexpected succes'. How can you make a great car and not expect the public to like it? Anyway, I think it is good news nonetheless, people are clearly more and more interested in sustainable mobility and electric vehicles.

Perdonally I think the unexpectedness is more based on caution from the manufacterers side than anything else.




GM Amps Up Volt Production

The Chevrolet Volt is selling faster than expected, so General Motors plans to pump up production — a move that will require shutting down the production line for one month to make some improvements.

The General says it will revamp the line at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant so it can increase Volt production to 16,000 units this year and 60,000 next year. That’s a significant bump over the original plan, which called for 15,000 cars this year and 45,000 next.

(via Instapaper)

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