Electric Vehicle - GM and ABB provide Second Life for Volt battery packs

The batteries used in an electric vehicle can get worn during the use over many years, or extensive driving. Experts still debate about when a battery is to be called 'not good enough for an EV' and the value of such used batteries.

One way to improve the economics of this is to use the used EV batteries as a powet buffer in the energy grid, for which GM and ABB are now running a demonstration project. In the future, your old car battery might help you out during power outages, or just shave peak loads in the grid and save you money. The Second Life for batteries is upon us!




GM and ABB demonstrate prototype of Volt battery pack grid re-use application

Earlier this year, General Motors signed a definitive agreement with ABB Group to identify joint research and development projects that would reuse Chevrolet Volt battery systems, which will have up to 70% of life remaining after their automotive use is exhausted. (Earlier post.) Using Volt battery cells, the ABB and GM team is building a prototype system for 25-kilowatt/50-kWh applications, about the same power consumption of five US homes or small retail and industrial facilities.

(via Instapaper)

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