Electric Vehicle - Glimpse BMW’s Slick, Sexy Electric Future

"I love it when a plan comes together!", seems very much applicable to the electric vehicle program from BMW. Dubbed under the i-brand (does Apple know of this by the way?), the first two releases will be the all electric i3 city vehicle and the hybrid i8. Both would qualify still as the 'Ultimate driving machine' associated with the other BMW models. 


The price tag seems a bit steep, though it is from a premium brand and contains lots of the more expensive materials to construct cars with, being carbon fiber. On the other hand, I always thought the i3 and the i8 would not be for sale, but for lease/rent only? ("Screwed, glued & rented"?).


As a little bonus I've included an interview with Richard Kim, the designer for BMW's i-brand.


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Glimpse BMW’s Slick, Sexy Electric Future

“This was a dream project in 2008,” vehicle exterior designer Richard Kim told us. “We had the opportunity to reinvent and redefine the car.”

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