Electric Vehicle - Ford lightens up

Ford has provided an insight in their electric vehicle program. Similar to BMW they aim for weight reduction with which they think they can gain the most with respect to the vehicle range of their new EVs.

BMW has already stated they aim for carbon fibre to do the trick for them; they plan to slash production costs of carbon fibre parts by a factor ten.


Ford's key to increased fuel economy is reducing weight whether for conventional vehicles or hybrid and electric vehicles.


Ford lightens up for the future

“The more weight we can take out of our vehicles though use of alternative materials, and other lightweighting strategies that we have, that enables us to further downsize the engine—which is the biggest lever you can pull in the vehicle. Taking the displacement down gets you on a percentage basis the best fuel economy value versus other technologies,” claims Barb Samardzich, Ford’s Vice President, Global Product Programs.

Additionally, Ford noted that weight was the biggest “enemy of electrification”.

(via Instapaper)

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