Electric Vehicle - Electric Rolls-Royce limo?

The world's most luxurious car maker, Rolls Royce, might have plans to build an electric vehicle. It might sound strange for these heavy tanks to electrify, most cars that go electric go for a light weight approach in general, not something Rolls Royce is known for.

It makes perfect sense though, those heavy gas guzzlers can save a lot of fuel by using the much more efficiebt electric motor. Also, those motors are a lot more silent which seems to fit perfectly ob the Rolls Royce experience. 



Report: Electric Rolls-Royce limo in the works? - Autoblog Green

Rolls-Royce is well known for high-end luxury automobiles like the Ghost and Phantom. These vehicles, if piloted with nothing more than a gentle application of the throttle, will return 15 miles per gallon. That’s not exactly a number that’s going to woo over a carbon-conscious buyer. However, there’s been an ample amount of speculation over the past two years suggesting that Rolls-Royce is actively developing a rechargeable luxo-barge.

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