Electric Vehicle - Electric McRae Buggy to compete in 2012 Dakar Rally [w/video]

An electric vehicle to go around the world, an electric vehicle to go airborne and now news of an EV to enter the Dakar Rally in 2012. EVs are going everywhere and find many uses in our ecosystem.

The electric buggy will be driven by Dutch Tim Coronel and will be quick charged across the desert, where it charges towarda the finish as well with its 200 kW motor. 



A smiling Tim Coronel next to the buggy.


Electric McRae Buggy to compete in 2012 Dakar Rally [w/video]

The Dakar Rally traverses over 5,500 miles of grueling terrain in South America. It’s punishing on drivers and vehicles, requiring a machine that’s rugged, reliable and capable. Despite that, an Anglo-Dutch team, headed by Alistair McRae, will field an ultra-lightweight McRae Buggy equipped with a 54-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a robust 200-kW electric motor that features three power settings (eco, standard and full attack). Dutch driver Tim Coronel will attempt to navigate the electric McRae Buggy across the torturous terrain and on to the finish line at the 2012 Dakar Rally, which kicks off on January 1. The electric buggy features an aerodynamically optimized body and trick shock absorbers that convert kinetic energy from ruts and bumps into usable electric power. Support vehicles, equipped with DC quick chargers, will likely “refuel” the buggy during the race.

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