Electric Vehicle - Electric cars take off in Norway

While Norway is still a large exporter of oil and gas, they have clear ambitions for the electric vehicle in their quest for sustainable mobility. They have chosen to do so by giving EV drivers a lot of privileges, ranging from free parking in a city centre that is off limits to combustion engines to allowing EVs to use the bus lane to avoid heavy traffic.


The expectations are good, with measures like mentioned above, the cheap cost to use and all the other facilities being setup; Norway is definitely moving towards an electric future!



Electric cars take off in Norway

They speed past gas guzzlers in traffic, ignore congestion charges and get city centre parking for free. In a country whose wealth is fuelled by oil, Oslo has become the world capital of the electric car. “There are more electric cars per capita here than in any other capital of the world,” said Rune Haaland, the head of the electric car users association Norstart, standing in a city centre car park forbidden to other car users. Almost 4,000 of the small, clean and silent vehicles are on the roads of Norway, although they are found mainly in the cities, and the number is climbing as new models come onto the market.

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