Electric Vehicle - Electric car gets parking ticket while using public charger


These days if you want to be sustainable, you could install solar panels on your roof, drive an electric vehicle or any other similar alternative. If you drive an electric vehicle, you occasionaly have to charge your vehicle and park it like any other car. Sure, they are a joy to ride for all day long, but some folks got to work as well.

If you park your electric vehicle at a charging location, it seems odd to get a parking fine for it, even though you exceeded the official time limit to use it. There seem to be counter-productive elements here; on one side the government wants to promote sustainable mobility, on the other hand they are limiting the access people get to the utilities like the charging infrastructure. Make up your mind please. :-)





D'oh! Electric car gets parking ticket while using public charger

Meter maids in the UK have come under fire after ticketing an electric car while it was juicing up at a public charger in Conventry. A parking warden spotted an electric Tata that overstayed the three-hour time limit and ticketed the vehicle on the spot.

(via Instapaper)

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