Electric Vehicle - Driving a Tesla: a matter of National Security?

This is an interesting, though not too uncommon line of though related to driving an electric vehicle. It details about driving an electric vehicle, which is not just good for the environment, or your wallet, it is a matter of national security.


Not having to worry about securing oil in the world and just be able to charge your car from the sun or wind, would indeed create a more stable society. No more political games with other countries about energy; just you, your (electric) vehicle and your solar panel.


True or not, I'd pick an electric vehicle first for myself, because of the sporty ride, the low cost to drive, etc. Being green and being good for National Security is a nice bonus.





Tesla electric vehicle | National Security | Washington launch | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

“Most of my personal insights about what needed to be done in this sector came to me from the uniformed military. I think that if we’re responsible about our national security strategy, we really need to get solid about our energy security strategy,” he said.

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Drive safe, drive sustainable